The Smoking Glass Hour-Election Coverage 2015


Our efforts to engage you and keep you informed as to the importance of the upcoming election started back in June 2015. We kept our promise by providing you information specifically about each candidacy and live broadcast with candidates. You can go back to any archive show to help you to make the best decision on October 24 2015. We have sent out hundreds of text messages nightly as a reminder of the broadcast and our guest. We were successful in advertising many candidates message to our listening audience. With hard work and determination, our goal has been achieved.

As we Know many Candidates have spent hundreds of dollars getting their message to the public to convince them of their policies and reforms. The same message others chose to pay whether it was the local news paper or the local news media outlet, I can almost guarantee you that no one in this market gave the candidates what we had to offer. The Smoking Glass Hour is proud to have played a role advertising the candidates message to the voter.

We gave multiple social media blitz, on google, instagram, tumblr, facebook, facebook fanpage, twitter on multiple twitter pages,,, 24/7 day a week advertising on the our main web page, wordpress, linkedin and the list goes on. Is this bragging, no its fact. Traditional means are not the only way to broaden a message. We have proved for two years straight that non-traditional internet streaming, will soon replace, traditional media outlets. We have allowed each candidate to put their message out according to their own choosing. Again, we could not have done it without the listening audience.

Our #livepodcast #livebroadcast at #thesmokingglass played a vital role in taking the message of each candidate to the home of the voter. Thanks for your trust in our live broadcast.

We must ensure those seeking office are committed to serve the people.

Working together, we have formed an Army of Advocates for live public broadcast over the past 2 years.

We can be most effective when we engage on the political process, and there’s no time like the present.

Our number one goal has been to make a difference. We knew that voters rely on candidates to provide them with information and with that information to carry it to other potential voters. We also knew that if candidates fail to address negative speculation then it can lead to self destruction of a candidacy.

Again, we tried to allow any candidate the option of coming on our live broadcast and talk directly to the voter. Some had the courage, some didn’t, you can call it what you want. An educated voter is beneficial to a candidate. We talked many nights about Ignorance. We told you that ignorance was a state of being uninformed. Lastly, if you tuned in and listened, followed, or engaged with the smoking glass hour, we know one thing. On October 24 2015, you shall not be ignorant, you will be well informed, again, we succeed with our number one goal and that was simply this. MAKE A DIFFERENCE. TO ALL THE CANDIDATES, THANKS

The Smoking Glass Hour with Baron Glass


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