The Benefits of the iPad in School

ipad-classroomIn today’s culture, many children have access to technology just about anywhere they go. As with anything, this has it’s pros and cons but for the sake of today’s blog we will be talking about the pros.

How Children Learn

Children learn in many ways. The most common are through play, audio, visual, and hands-on. Of course, for audio learners we know they must be able to hear, visual learners to see, and hands-on to participate. Technology reaches all of these learners. Children as young as two to three years of age already know how to use an iPhone! In fact, YouTube has apps specifically for children. This is an excellent resource in preparation for school, whether it be daycare, Head Start or Pre K.

student-with-ipad-technology-in-the-classroom1Diversity in School

School children come from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Keeping this in mind, we must remember those who are advantaged and those who are disadvantaged; those who are considered “normal” and those with “impairments”. Our teachers must be able to reach all children regardless of their socioeconomic background.

Children from advantaged homes are probably already using the latest technology available to them, but what about children who are not as fortunate? Let’s take a child, for example, who may have a hearing or speech impairment. Technology gives this student the opportunity to learn visually and participate by interacting with an app on an iPad. A child with a vision impairment can still learn through audio. Leah Levy, Education Writer and Editor, shares 10 Ways iPads Teach Kids With Learning Disabilities.

Leah states, “In short, iPads and iPad apps can radically alter an student with a learning disability’s experience in the classroom for the better.”

Make A DifferenceHow Can We Make A Difference

We can all contribute in one way or another. The smallest contribution can make as much of an impact as the largest. A contribution is not always monetary.

Contribution: the part played by a person or thing in bringing about a result or helping something to advance.

What role would you like to play in a child’s life? There are many ways to give back. You may choose to visit a school and get involved in activities or programs. You may choose to be part of a reading program at a local library or you may be someone who can take part by donating money to a cause or program. Again, there are many ways one can Make A Difference! Here is one for starters…

Mrs. Mandarino, A Pre K Teacher in central Louisiana is in need of technology for her students. She cares about her students and their growth. Here is her story:

It takes a big heart to shape little minds and I know there are many people out there with big hearts that can help me shape the little minds in my classroom.

My students need technology to further their education. My classroom is comprised of 17 students, 8 girls and 9 boys. We have realized that we have a variety of learners in the classroom and iPads would help them learn more.

Mrs. Mandarino’s Classroom Artwork

Our classroom is a place of exploring, questioning, and creativity. Since I have already witnessed academic growth in this group, I look forward to an awesome year of learning.

This year, I would love to get two iPad minis for the students to use during center time; my students need access to technology.

As a teacher, I’m constantly trying to stay connected to the new technology to enhance learning. My students will be able to access apps to type their writing activities on, which will teach the importance of phonics skills, fluency, word recognition, and motor skills.

This project will drastically impact the learning that occurs in my classroom. Each student will be able to receive the support they need through various apps. Even more, these iPads will help prepare students for the real world, which is the greatest goal of all.

The use of iPads is a great tool to use to engage my students and maximize their exposure to fluent learning.

Please help and support my project to purchase iPads for our classroom! Visit our project on

Written by Melinda Thomas, Contributing Writer


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