A Moment of Unity

Stress to the youth that neither racial intolerance nor lack of civility are allowable in our society.  We have come a long way as a nation and we should never let the hands of time be turned backward.  We all have to get along if we’re going to engage the promise and pluck of American freedom and democracy.

I salute the school principals, civil leaders, clergy members, the schools, with the many laypersons and parents who defend injustices towards underprivileged people. 

Yes we live in a diverse society, and it is part and parcel of living in a pluralistic nation that we never seek to shout each other down because of outer differences, because of cultural variations, because of ethnic origin.

But more important than just mouthing these sentiments, we, the adults must show our children through our actions that unity makes for a better world, makes for a peaceful coexistence, makes for a stronger America.  We must not let our children stray from the path forged by our brave fore parents.  This is our duty.  This is our task.  I hope that our moment of unity in 2016 is not temporary, instead long lasting. Unity should be a moment of awakening for the children, and a moment of reawakening for those of us who shape and mold the minds of our children.

I sit today, in the unenviable position of having to watch how corporate America has forever changed the world, particularly to the point that small cities may become a dying breed and low paying workers are falling deeper and deeper below the line of survival.

Things are bound to change.  Change is both a force, and a fact of life. I think that with some solid effort, we can rise to the challenge of a changing injustices in this country, just as Martin King did during his time on earth..  It’s a must that we join hands and Unite for the common cause of humanity. With the meeting of creative, diverse, sound minds we can figure out just how to make life better for our kids, our grand kids and the like.  When this happens, not just the 1% flourish, we all flourish.  The real thrill in it all for me is that I sit in a position where I can watch it all going down, watch it all unfurl, watch us step up to bat. 

My final two cents would be to ask more of our leaders, and to ask more of ourselves.  A leader had better be able to pinpoint our most fundamental problems and develop a proactive solution.  We must consider helpful ideas even when those ideas come from people that DO not look like us, think like us, talk like us, etc. When it comes to the public we MUST be more inclusive NOT exclusive.  We must not become intoxicated by money, fame or illusion of power.  We must be forward thinking, forward thinking just as Dr. King was, just as Marcus Garvey was, just as Thurgood Marshall was and many other blazing pioneers of the past.  The time is NOW. The time must not be LATER. 

We must recognize that the leadership we’re waiting for is us.  We must also recognize that we need change BAD, but that change can’t come without us.  As many leaders’ trip, communities, people and schools in America will continue to sink.  Most people want to have individual agenda’s instead of great community interests and ideas.  I not only challenge myself, but I challenge others to demand the best from our leaders.  Don’t let anyone disrespect, or abuse your trust.  Anything less is accepting the notion that we can do nothing to better ourselves, the system and this great country called America. 

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.  January 18, 2016, this is my cry, this is My Moment of Unity on Martin Luther King Holiday.




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